About Us

L&Y ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED is a manufacturing company as well as a trading company founded in 2011. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have been able to leverage our successes to build our growing network using our strategic location in Asia Pacific. During the past few years, we have also tapped into different continents, like Europe, Africa and the Americas. From Asia-Pacific to Europe, from Africa to America, our strong relationships with our clients have left positive footprints across the globe.

L&Y ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED have a wide supplying network across China, ie. Ningxia, Hunan, Fujian, Yunnan and Guangxi Province with Ferro alloy production capacity up to 80,000MT/year.

L&Y ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED is an exporter as well as an importer. Our products include, but not limited to:

    • Ferro Alloy – Ferro Silicon, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Chrome…
    • Non-Ferro Alloy – Silicon Metal, Manganese Flake…

L&Y ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED consists of professional team members eager to provide quality products & services to ensure our clients satisfaction. Our team’s effectiveness and efficiency has allowed us to us become a fast growing company; outpacing others.

L&Y ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED knows that when our client’s succeed, we also succeed. Thus, we will continue to strive to exceed our clients and our customers expectations.

Our Culture


Your Awareness, Your Recognition, Your Satisfaction. To achieve our sustainable growth plan, we believe in ensuring we meet all of the aforementioned elements.


To continue the company’s success, we dynamically monitor the trends of the world. Providing quality products & services consistent with the ever-changing demands, from ferro alloy to non-ferro alloy and from precious gem to food products.


At L&Y ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED, we treat every single customer as a partner with equal importance. We are committed to providing timely delivery of quality products and effective services.

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution, we make sure what we provided is what you need.


our services

We offer customizable and flexible cooperation solutions for customers and clients. If you are looking for a vendor or a buying agent, we can discuss and provide a unique cooperation model for you in order to maximize your trade efficiency and cash flow.







We make sure what we sell is what you need. To do that, we invest a lot of time and effort on the quality control in order to make sure our products meet your requirements. We have a detailed in-house inspection protocol to guide our inspector to perform quality checks. We also securely maintain records of every shipment and its corresponding origin.





We understand the quality of the material is vital to production and having a stable source is extremely important for the manufacturer to execute quality controls. By making at least one variable become a constant and ensuring “Just In Time” delivery, we also lock the source of material according to customer requirements. By locking the material, this ensures that customers will receive same source of materials consistently. Thus, less headaches for the quality control and an increase production output.

Due to the volatility of recent the global economy, we provide multi-currency trading options for our customers. We accept different currencies which includes, but not limited to, USD, JPY, EUR, GBP, TWD, INR, IDR, THB etc. Providing this service helps our customers eliminate the risk of currency fluctuation.


Our Product

  • All
  • Aluminium
  • Manganese
  • Silicon


Silico Manganese

Aluminium Ingot

Manganese Metal

Standard Material % Mn 97% Si 0.5% max C 0.1% max P 0.025% max S 0.04% max Size 10-50mm 90% min

Manganese Briquettes

Manganese Briquettes Standard Material % Mn 97% C 0.1% max C 0.04% max P 0.03% max Size 25*35*45mm +/- 5mm 10mm<=4%

Electrolytic Manganese Flake

  Chemical element Mn C S P Fe+Si+Se Mn99.7 99.7%min 0.04%max 0.05%max 0.005%max 0.205%max Mn99.85 99.85min 0.023%max 0.03%max 0.005%max 0.1%max Mn99.9 99.9%min 0.01%max 0.018%max 0.003%max 0.073%max   Electrolytic manganese mainly used as an additive, to increase the hardness, stiffness, and corrosion resistance of metal alloy applied to the field of steel smelting, non-ferrous alloy, Electronic […]

Silicon Metal

Silicon Metal is known as a semi-metallic or metalloid, having several of the characteristics of metals. It is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust after oxygen, naturally occurring in various forms of silicon dioxide or silicates and very rarely in its pure form in volcanic exhalations. It takes its name from the […]

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    China Office:
    Room 28, 31/F, International Port Center, 983 East Huangpu Road, Guangzhou, China



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